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Brown, Orange & Grey

Keeping to pics from our latest trip for the next few prompts...


This "brown cheese", a special kind of Norwegian goat cheese, and one of these foods people either love or hate, for it's also not your typical kind of chese: originally made form goat whey boiled down until it's a sticky, browned and rather sweet mass, it today also contains cream. The end result is very hard, keeps forever, and is eaten in the thinnest slices, if possible on thin Norwegian flatbread or hardbread, with or without salted butter.


Another food-related pic: we visited the Lofotr Viking museum in Borg on the Lofotes. In the cafeteria there, they served Viking food, and I had this absolutely declious porridge with two kinds of berry compotes, forest fruit (red) and cloudberry (orange). Neither the porridge nor the compotes were sweetened, which was unexpected - even the fruit hat rather little own sweetness-, but even more welcome as this was my lunch. I'll have to try to make this at home, although without the cloudberries, of course, which are unavailable here. They do exist in a few areas but are endangered in Germany and on the British Isles, but very common in Scandinavia. (I hadn't know they even grew as far south as Germany, though!)


Taken at the most iconic spot for most tourists to northern Norway: at the North Cape. Or rather, on the parking lot in front of the building proper. We were having such bad fog that we needed to use google maps on my phone to find the entrance to the building. The shadow on the right is a smaller builidng just about 5m to our right. I don't think it can get any greyer. *g*
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