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Smile please

September 2019



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food w pottery

heartofoshun in photo_scavenger


Park Slope Brooklyn - Blue Door


Your image is showing up as locked - can you sort that out please
I am grasping at straws--the security was "public--should have been fine. So I tried another photoserver. Let me know if that helped.
I can see it fine - and it is a perfect picture for the prompt :)

Sometimes it is easier just to upload them through LJ scrapbook.
Oh, thanks!

The first photo server I used was LJ scrapbook! Beats me. Perhaps it was a glitch. I did like the LJ scrapbook version better than this one though! Maybe next time it will work for me.
Great image - and, like you, I can't ever get to grips with the LJ scrapbook.
That's a lovely, rich color.
Thanks! I have a passion for blue doors, whenever I find one I take a photo of it.
great find. love the colours
Thanks so much! This one is an older one. Brooklyn is a great hunting ground for things like this.

a boy grows in brooklyn

i see what you mean!


Nobody can know Brooklyn, because Brooklyn is the world, and besides it is filled with cemeteries, and who can say he knows those people? But even aside from the cemeteries it is impossible to say that one knows Brooklyn. Three blocks from my present house live two hundred Mohawk Indians. A few blocks from them are a group of Arabs living in tenements in one of which is published an Arabic newspaper. When I lived on Schermerhorn Street I used to sit and watch the Moslems holding services in a tenement back yard outside my window, and they had a real Moorish garden, symmetrically planted with curving lines of white stones laid out in the earth, and they would sit in white robes—twenty or thirty of them, eating at a long table, and served by their women who wore the flowing purple and rose togas of the East. All these people, plus the Germans, Swedes, Jews, Italians, Lebanese, Irish, Hungarians and more, created the legend of Brooklyn’s patriotism, and it has often seemed to me that their having been thrown together in such abrupt proximity is what gave the place such a Balkanized need to proclaim its never-achieved oneness.

the old brroklyn would have been the land of arthur miller..



Re: a boy grows in brooklyn

Thanks for the links! I've been living in Brooklyn for nearly 20 years, forced out of Manhattan kicking and screaming by escalating rents. I had not been here two weeks before I was totally in love with it.

I love that cover design for "View from the Bridge."

Re: a boy grows in brooklyn

i think it's really sad how gentrification destroys old heritage neighbourhoods

Re: a boy grows in brooklyn

I wholeheartedly agree with that.


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What a beautiful door! Great choice for the prompt.
What a wonderful contrast that is, between the red of the bricks and the blue of the door.