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Smile please

September 2019



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marcus 2013

ffutures in photo_scavenger

White (ish) and a Grey day

White, from a series of pictures I took to test a lens last week:

One of the statues at the base of the Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens

A bracket fungus on a tree in the park

The rest of the shoot (full size) is here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/150868539@N02/albums/72157685127937342

And Grey, another lens test - this time a manual 300mm telephoto I was testing to sell on eBay, it started raining as I took this shot and I got a rather nice result:

full size is here: https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4416/37229184055_893321a9ec_o_d.jpg


Those are awesome! The Albert Memorial definitely qualifies as white, as does the tree fungus. The steeples in shadows are lovely!
The Albert Memorial is insane Victorian statuary at its finest. It's a handy location for me because it's on a route I like to walk occasionally, and it's great for testing cameras and lenses because of its sheer size and range of textures, colours, etc.
Goodness, look at that enormous fungus!
Kensington Gardens are quite good about letting trees etc. go through their natural life cycles rather than trying to keep them alive indefinitely, so there are a few around that are damaged one way or another, with fungus etc. It makes for a much more interesting environment.
I especially like the picture of the Albert Memorial - it looks rather as if it is crafted from Royal Icing. Which would be very suitable, considering!
As I said in answer to another comment, the whole thing is an insane extravaganza of sculpture, you really have to be trying hard to produce a dull photo of it!
These are great! I love how the people's heads are in front of clouds, while the bull's head has a clear blue background. *g*
It wasn't really something I was trying for consciously, I was mostly testing the lens, but it came out well.
I love the Albert Memorial .... you can spend hours there looking at the statues, can't you.

Love the mould photo - great image
I can only assume that the committee responsible for the statue had a very big budget and no common sense.

There are some fantastic shapes and textures in fungi - they get overlooked a lot by photographers, but they're sometimes really interesting.
The first two shots are really crisp. I like the light and shade in the first one.
the last one is very atmospheric.
The last one was an accident, I would have finished the photos faster if I'd realised it was about to rain, but I'm very pleased with it.