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Smile please

September 2019



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Lunar Eclipse

ysilme in photo_scavenger

Blue & White

For the colour blue, the sky is always what I think of first. Have this particularly beautiful one over a Viking longhouse at Lofor Viking museum in Borg on the Lofotes.

Blue is also the colour of the emblem flower of Tromsø, Meconopsis, here in the Arctic Botanical Garden of the city.

Staying in Tromsø with the Arctic Cathedral and its stark, white walls, made to resemble ice floes.
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These are stunning! Excellent examples of "blue".

- Erulisse (one L)
Thank you!
What intense blues! Gorgeous.
Thanks! We were blessed with such beautiful, intense colours on this trip. Cold, clear air certainly has its advantages! :D
These are amazing! I especially love the Viking long-house.
You'd totally love a visit, too, I'm sure. They put so much love for detail into the interior, it's just like a perfect back-drop for sitting down and start writing or so. *g*
I love that picture of the long-house sort of hunkered down behind the hil, but the Arctic Cathedral is my very favourite - it is an absolutely beautiful building.
Actually, the longhouse is right on top, it's just my angle of taking the pic that makes it look hunkering down behind it. Despite the exposure to the elements, they're sure it was put there on purpose, to demonstrate the wealth and power of the resident king; the archeological findings at this place make it the longest and largest Viking longhouse ever found.
I was looking forward to the Arctic Cathedral very much, but I must confess the actual visit was somewhat underwhelming. It's beautiful, and the huge stained glass window in the eastern opening is awesome. But for me, it totally missed the typical "sacral" feeling I relate to any kind of church or place of worship, it felt much more like any kind of interesting building, but not a church.
What a shame about the cathedral looking good but having no sense of being sacred.
What fantastic skies in the first and third! Beautiful.
I love those flowers, too.
Thank you! We were lucky with the weather on these occasions, and the clear, crisp air of northern Norway made for some awesome colouring also on other pics.