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Smile please

September 2019



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elwenlj in photo_scavenger

Blue and White

My first posting to this community. And maybe my last, looking at the comments. I uploaded the photo's directly from my computer to lj but it looks like lj isn't playing unless you're on the friends list in my private journal. Oh well. Looks like I'll only be watching in future.

Bridlington south beach and beach huts.

Bridlington north beach.


Such a lovely contrast between the deep sky and bleached stones!
Sadly for me the images aren't showing ... they need to be open to all.

I am looking forward to seeing photos of Bridlington as my Dad spent a holiday there in 1949
Oh dear. I did mark them as public when posting. I wonder if it's because my own lj is locked.
Could be, especially if you use Scrapbook. I always use Photobucket and that works, but there again I have an open LJ, as well
Photobucket won't let you link any more though - hence the number of grey squares if you look back at some of the posts from a couple of years ago.

Flickr is still fine though, thank goodness.

Didn't realise that, as I have had no problems with Photobucket.
Mine was OK for a while after other people began to have the problem - and then the grey boxes suddenly appeared all over the church website, which I had built using photobucket for the images, then a couple of weeks later they appeared wherever I had links to my personal photobucket - so it will probably hit yours eventually, I fear.

So - if you look at this post here in Photo-Scavenger there are no longer photos - just links - click on the links and you get this.

Unless you are willing to upgrade to an account for which they charge something like $300 a year photobucket has become almost useless. The general feeling is that it has shot itself in the foot and probably won't survive for very long.

It won't even let me look at my own photos individually to copy them back if I don't have them on file, only as album pages of 30 or so pictures.

So if you are using photobucket at the moment make sure you have the originals stored as they will probably get to yours eventually I'm afraid.
Thanks for the warning ... yes, I am using Photobucket, and pay about £40 a year as I have more than their basic account for the number of photos. Looks as if I have a job to do while off ill!
My guess is that you might be OK until your renewal is due, perhaps. I had a free one - I pay a little each year for Flickr instead.
I think it might be - Oshun had the same problem.
"image is locked"
Imaged is locked to me!
Didn't you have the same issue with images uploaded to LJ, oshun? How did you deal with the problem? (I can't see them either)
I used another photoserver. I was using LJ scrapbook and, despite it being set to "Public," it would only show the images to my old LJ "Friends."
I'm trying to remember. I had a similar problem earlier this year with a photo of original art I wanted to share. I think there was a single setting that I had to change in the posting parameters that unlocked the image to those reading the post. I'm not at a point right now where I can check my notes, but if you don't have this resolved by Tuesday morning, I'll take a look back into the early months of the year and see if I can find the instructions.

- Erulisse (one L)
I especially love that top picture - it would make a wonderful poster!
Beautiful photos. Flickr is good for sharing images from.
I'm sorry you have been discouraged by the problem with images being locked. If you could use a third party photo repository, it would be lovely to see your pictures.
I nearly missed your pics now they're showing. Very beautiful, and great answers to the prompts! I love seascapes so very much, and the tranquility and peace both of yours emit.

(Mod note: please don't forget to tag your entries with the prompt name(s) and your username! I've added the tags for you for your current entries. Thanks! :) )
Thanks. If I forget to tag again remind me. I don't tag in my own journal so I tend to forget.