Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote in photo_scavenger,
Marcus L. Rowland

Sweet enough for you...?

Got this in Portobello Road last month.

5 kilos of 53.8% cocoa solids Belgian chocolate. Drool...

Slightly past its sell by date, so a LOT cheaper than it should have been. Not actually for me, I have friends who like to cook.

Back in the eighties there was a science fiction convention on Jersey, and a friend wanted a bar of chocolate and went down to a chocolate shop in the basement of the hotel. It turned out that the guy running the place made incredibly expensive designer chocolates, and didn't have plain bars - except for the blocks he used to make them (which I think must have been smaller than this since one fitted into my hand luggage). So my friend naturally said "how much?" and ended up buying one. The word soon spread, and by the end of the convention the shop had no more bars and about twenty of us went home with them in our luggage. The customs officers at Heathrow were slightly bemused, fortunately there was no duty on them, for reasons I forget - the tax relationship between Jersey, the EU, and Britain is ridiculously complicated, and I think the price was marginally below the lower limit for charging VAT on imported items.

I soon discovered that unless you're actually going to cook with them they're more trouble than they're worth - you need a hammer and chisel to get bits off, it's REALLY hard chocolate, and at the end of the day a standard sized bar is simply more convenient.
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