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Smile please

November 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I like the way shadow adds impact to pictures -

druidale 009

Marine Drive 3

Those are both photos from my files as there has been no sunlight bright enough to cast shadows this week :)


Great shadows.

Yes, I have ended up a bit lazy and posted "old" photos
Thank you. To be honest, I love looking at the pictures no matter how old they are!
These are truly striking!
Awesome choices, and lovely pics!
Thank you!
Nice! I love that second one.
Thank you. The second one is a bit 'the road goes ever on and on...' now I think of it.


my shadow's been wiped off the web

; (

Re: shadow

Oh dear - do you mean you can't see the pictures, or that you've posted some that don't show - or is it much worse than that?

Re: shadow

no, my art portfolios pages disappeared with the servers they were on that shut down, i have become invisible...

; (

Re: shadow

Oh how horrible - definitely 'much worse than that'.

Re: shadow

back to the drawing board as they say..
That landscape has real texture. It is almost three dimensional.
And I always love pictures of views through arches and windows. That one is teasing, with its promise of more just out of sight.
Thank you. I remember taking that top one as something of a 'snap shot' - I was actually there to take pictures of a ruined farmhouse and that is the view if you stand with your back to it.

When I read your comment on the second one it occurred to me that it is a bit 'The road goes ever on and on'!
They are both very interesting and lovly shots.
Thank you.