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Smile please

November 2019



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debris4spike in photo_scavenger


As it was my suggestion I thought I had better show you a photo of Charlie ... well, his head, anyway!

 photo DSC_0854_zps3jfmco34.jpg

I thought it would also be nice to share a photograph that I took while I was on holiday in USA. This one is taken in San Francisco, where I visited the USS Pampanito (USS 383). As well as taking some fun (off-centre) photos I also felt 101% queasy.

Anyway - here is the head
 photo DSC_0876 - Copy_zpsq1lbyner.jpg


Charlie, huh? Good choice.
Charlie has "lived" with me for years - couldn't not take his photo!
Charlie,huh? Does he live exist with you? Does he have the rest of his body?

The second one is a clever choice, too.
Charlie has "lived" with me for years - I have his spine and then one leg and one arm. So he has taken over the house!

Thanks - I didn't get the door in the photo, but that was for officers.

But nice smile!
So I can't ask you round for tea then, as Charlie sits in my lounge!!
I really wouldn't like to have to sit on that toilet!

And whoever Charlie was, that's a fantastic picture.
LOL - in actual fact, according to the door, that loo was for the officers!

Charlie does always seem happy.
I love your choices! Your second "head" was what came to my mind immediately, but I don't have any pics of these. That one looks a bit uncomfortable, though, with the pipes leading along above it. At least you probably keep a warm back, depending on what they're for. *g*
Who's Charlie?
I thought those pipes looked wrong ... however on the door it was labelled for Officer, so maybe they do have warm water in them!!

Charlie is my "friend" ... well, he is a skeleton I bought back in 1979 when I started my training as an osteopath.
Give us a grin, Charlie!

I showed Irish the Navy head; he said, "Yep, that looks familiar." (As a Marine, he spent plenty of time being transported on Navy ships.)
Charlie always looks happy!!

Glad I was able to bring back some memories for Irish :)
Sorry I missed this before. I have to say that sort of 'heads' was one of my first thoughts, too.

Charlie looks very comfortable there in his cushion of greenery.