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Smile please

September 2019



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marcus 2013

ffutures in photo_scavenger

Heads - of a very brave squirrel and one of my favourite statues

This young squirrel in Kensington Gardens was either brave or stupid considering I was using a 50mm lens from about two feet away.

and this statue is always a nice subject

Both from my last lot of test photos, a nice 50mm 1.8 Nikkor. The rest of the photos are here:

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Beautiful photos. Great choices.
When I'm serious about a lens and think I might want to keep it I take it for a walk through Kensington gardens; there's a huge range of colours and textures and I often walk that route anyway because I live half a mile from the park and one of my favourite cheap restaurants is on the other side. I've been testing all of my gear recently because I just got a much better camera, so I've taken a lot of pictures there in the last couple of months.
Now you are making me jealous--about the location and the cameras! Seriously, that is terrific.
That horse is looking at meeeeeee!
I think it looks at everyone!
Maybe the squirrel is just very accustomed to people strolling around in it's habitat.. I enjoyed looking at both your pics.
They have no shortage of people trying to feed them etc., I think it does lull them into being a little less wary. Not always good, because there are a lot of dogs too.
They do seem to be fearless lately. I have been very close to a couple, in the last couple of months, too.

In contrast, from that angle the horse definitely looks wide-eyed and threatening *g*
The statue is interesting - it's supposed to represent energy (there's a photo of the descriptive text in one of my albums) rather than the usual military "man on a horse" sort of thing, so it's wilder and fiercer than your average statue.
Oh yes- I can see it being 'energy'. The squirrel is either 'curiosity' or 'complacency' by contrast!
That's a lovely little head!
I thank you, the squirrel thanks you, and the horse thanks you.
Squirrels are amazing, aren't they? I can certainly see why that statue is a favourite ... is it near where you live?
It's in Kensington Gardens, on my usual walk to South Kensington it's about a mile and a quarter from home (according to Google Earth) and about two miles by the time I get to a restaurant I like.
That squirrel reminds me of one London back in the 90s. I don't remember where it was exactly, but it actually sat on my foot to beg for food.
Great angle for that horse statue!
They're so used to people feeding them that they're mostly pretty fearless. Although they make a hasty retreat if dogs get too close.

It's a really nice statue, a bronze casting dating from the 1900s.
Brave squirrel! The ones in my small town are so self-assured, they'll stop in the middle of the road and stare, daring you to run them down. (And always seem to get out of the way at the last minute.)
They're very tame in Kensington Gardens, I think they know nobody wants to hurt them.