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Smile please

September 2019



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thismaz in photo_scavenger


Two different kinds of head.

A few years ago I went to Wallington Hall, where there are four dragon heads lined up on the lawn, apropos of nothing, as far as I could see.

And this is the view towards the head of a dale in the North York Moors.

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I like both interpretations.
Thank you.
Love seeing yet another type of head .. brilliant.

Love those dragon heads, as well
Thank you.

They are fun, aren't they. According to the National Trust, they were on top of one of the gates to the City of London which was demolished in the 1730s. The owner of Wallington bought them, shipped them as ballast in a coal barge to Newcastle and they've been on the lawn ever since.
Thanks - brilliant to know the full history of them. Nice to see heritage being preserved however that is.
You're welcome. It was interesting to go and find out.
I do love the random dragons - but even better is the beautiful picture of the head of the dale.
You can't go wrong with random dragons.

Thank you. It is a very old photo, scanned, which is why it is is low resolution, but I like the pinkish light on the snow.
Ooooh, I don't want to be anywhere near that area when the dragon bodies start emerging.
You might well have a point. *g*

sir george the dragon slayer

there are their heads, so where are the rest of them?

Re: sir george the dragon slayer

Under ground?
And now I feel the need to have a dragon head in my own yard.... ;)
It is the new must-have thing *g*
Love the dragon heads.
They are great, aren't they. From a different angle, they actually look very friendly.
The dragons look like they're about to be hatching from the earth! Awesome shot. That landscape shot is so beautiful and amazing with those soft violet shades. I've often heard snowy areas described with shades of violet, but I've never seen it myself; ony the lightest shade of pink or so.
Thank you.
The landscape photo is a very old one and I don't remember taking it, but judging by the light I think it must have been late afternoon, close to sunset.