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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


This is the head of an Assyrian King, in the British Museum. I love his shell-like ear.

A word in your shell-like...

And I was hoping for a brighter day today, but it is more brooding weather. This is a picture of Douglas Head, taken from Onchan Head - they define the two curves of the bay.



Oh my, that *is* an interesting ear!
Isn't it! It reminded me of our local foghorn!
Thank you.
The elves were real!! We have the proof. ;)
It is a rather elven shape, isn't it!
Great photos!
Thank you!
I love the British Museum - great image!
It is a wonderful place. You really need about a week to see it all properly I reckon!
I have been round the museum every time I have been to London ... and will go again the next time I'm in London
One of the great things about photo scavenger is how creative one can be with the prompts. :)
It is, isn't it? The way we can all see the same word, but it brings different things to mind for us all.
The King of Assyria is magnificent. And he certainly personifies the saying, "A word in your shell-like..."
And he certainly personifies the saying, "A word in your shell-like..."

He really does, doesn't he! That is what I thought when I first saw him - hence the picture :)
Weird, I could have sworn I had already commented to this.. must have forgotten to hit "send" again. *facepalm*
I love your heads! The shell-ear is quite quaint, what a fun discovery on a statue! I remember that such things always made my day when I was small and visiting museums, as if I'd found a secret treasure grown-ups wouldn't see. *g*
Onchan head is a place I'd like to be right now. Such a beautiful, peaceful view!
I do love that Assyrian King's ear - and you are right, I would have loved it even more as a child.

I think Onchan Head might not be a good place to stand tomorrow - we are expecting the wind to gust up to 70mph so I reckon if I stood there then I might be blown off my feet.