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November 2019



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marcus 2013

ffutures in photo_scavenger

10 Steps

As I expected ten steps took me down from the front door to the front path, so I took three pictures from there:

Holly berries - 50mm lens and 20mm extension tube

Block of flats - a new and amazingly garish block of "social housing" the other side of the railway from my house

Plane tree across the road from my house - nothing really special about it, there are jays nesting in the big hole but I've never managed to get a good picture of them going in or out.


I really like the holly picture, but the tree is really fascinating.
The tree is really interesting in textures and shades. The berry picture is OK, but I'm a bit rusty at macro work and really need to get some practice in.
Close-ups of berries in their setting make good pictures and holly berries, especially, being such a contrast to the leaves.

The tree is interesting and planes are so very typically 'London'. I wonder at the cause of that horizontal scar - previous over-tight tie, or graft? No, probably not graft.

I also suspect that the fashion for bright colours in architecture will look old very quickly.
We have a holly hedge that at one end is trying to be a holly tree, and seem to have berries a lot of the time. I've never noticed anything try to eat them but they do seem to go eventually so I suppose that there are birds that like them. There's a robin that often visits the tree part, I was really hoping he'd be around but I haven't seen him in a couple of weeks.

I really don't know about the tree - it's been there all my life. When they plant trees on the street they usually start off with them secured to a strong pole, could the strap from that leave damage that would still be visible?

There's definitely a lot of garish new construction going on - things like staggered checkerboard patterns and weird colour combinations which in a lot of cases seem to be there mainly to distract from how boring the design of the building is in other respects. At least this one has some architectural quirkiness. I think some of it is reaction to a lot of grey concrete construction in the 60s-90s.
The image of berries is glorious.
Thanks! I was really hoping to find some big spiders in there, that's the other thing I often find in the hedge, but it's a bit late in the year now.
Glad you didn't find the spiders!!!
These are great. I am trying to figure out if the trees on my block are plane trees. The peeling bark looks a lot like that.
If you can find a tree identification key that may help - I think you said you were in Brooklyn so this may be the one you need


or just compare the leaves etc. to pictures as here:


Actually I love that middle picture - nice to see that even in the middle of suburbia there is still greenery.

The picture of the holly is lovely .... hope there are still berries at Christmas when people are looking for them.
It seems to be an all year round thing, I think the annual cycle is supposed to be triggered by severe frost, but we haven't had one in at least ten years so we often notice flowers in cold weather etc.
How lovely to have big trees around or in front of your home, particularly in a city! Having nesting birds certainly is a plus, too.
That holly shot is pretty.
There's a REALLY tall plane tree out behind the house in a neighbour's garden, much taller than my house, about 50-60ft. I think we're lucky in the area - these are oldish houses and have a small front yard/garden (often now used for parking) and a bigger garden at the back, forming a little island back to back with the next street - which is currently a home to a lot of wildlife including squirrels and usually foxes.

We also have trees on the street as you can see, but that isn't particularly uncommon, and there was a big ornamental tree (looked like cherry but didn't have fruit) in the front garden of the next house until a couple of years ago, when it died fairly abruptly. When that was alive there were many more birds visiting a feeder in my kitchen window, but now they have nowhere to perch within 20ft or so and I see a lot less of them.