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October 2019



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marcus 2013

ffutures in photo_scavenger

10 Steps

As I expected ten steps took me down from the front door to the front path, so I took three pictures from there:

Holly berries - 50mm lens and 20mm extension tube

Block of flats - a new and amazingly garish block of "social housing" the other side of the railway from my house

Plane tree across the road from my house - nothing really special about it, there are jays nesting in the big hole but I've never managed to get a good picture of them going in or out.


Close-ups of berries in their setting make good pictures and holly berries, especially, being such a contrast to the leaves.

The tree is interesting and planes are so very typically 'London'. I wonder at the cause of that horizontal scar - previous over-tight tie, or graft? No, probably not graft.

I also suspect that the fashion for bright colours in architecture will look old very quickly.
We have a holly hedge that at one end is trying to be a holly tree, and seem to have berries a lot of the time. I've never noticed anything try to eat them but they do seem to go eventually so I suppose that there are birds that like them. There's a robin that often visits the tree part, I was really hoping he'd be around but I haven't seen him in a couple of weeks.

I really don't know about the tree - it's been there all my life. When they plant trees on the street they usually start off with them secured to a strong pole, could the strap from that leave damage that would still be visible?

There's definitely a lot of garish new construction going on - things like staggered checkerboard patterns and weird colour combinations which in a lot of cases seem to be there mainly to distract from how boring the design of the building is in other respects. At least this one has some architectural quirkiness. I think some of it is reaction to a lot of grey concrete construction in the 60s-90s.