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Smile please

September 2019



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marcus 2013

ffutures in photo_scavenger

10 Steps

As I expected ten steps took me down from the front door to the front path, so I took three pictures from there:

Holly berries - 50mm lens and 20mm extension tube

Block of flats - a new and amazingly garish block of "social housing" the other side of the railway from my house

Plane tree across the road from my house - nothing really special about it, there are jays nesting in the big hole but I've never managed to get a good picture of them going in or out.


How lovely to have big trees around or in front of your home, particularly in a city! Having nesting birds certainly is a plus, too.
That holly shot is pretty.
There's a REALLY tall plane tree out behind the house in a neighbour's garden, much taller than my house, about 50-60ft. I think we're lucky in the area - these are oldish houses and have a small front yard/garden (often now used for parking) and a bigger garden at the back, forming a little island back to back with the next street - which is currently a home to a lot of wildlife including squirrels and usually foxes.

We also have trees on the street as you can see, but that isn't particularly uncommon, and there was a big ornamental tree (looked like cherry but didn't have fruit) in the front garden of the next house until a couple of years ago, when it died fairly abruptly. When that was alive there were many more birds visiting a feeder in my kitchen window, but now they have nowhere to perch within 20ft or so and I see a lot less of them.