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Smile please

November 2019



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slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger

Ten Steps out a door

Just across the patio from the door out of the sunporch. Ten steps and an about face. :)


The tub is nice - do you have fish or anything in there, or just aquatic plants?
Mostly plants, but frogs show up every year and I put feeder goldfish in it to help with the mosquitos. They rarely make it through the winter without being eaten by something themselves.
What a lovely setting. I could so enjoy sitting there with my first coffee of the day.
It's nice. A bit buggy in the summertime, though.
So pretty! No need to go further than those ten steps.
There is a big swing on the side the photo was taken from. It's very nice there.
Beautiful. Can I come stay at your house? Loving the tiny pond. This photo is just so green and welcoming.
LOL - my house tends to be nicer on the outside most of the time. :) But sure, come on. I have three small ponds, this water garden, and one slightly larger pond at the edge of the woods (not a good place for a pond - too much shade for lillies and too many leaves and nuts to keep out)
What a lovely spot to enjoy your morning coffee.

Love the slightly uneven shapes of the patio, mine is boring squares.

Nice stop to have a cup of coffee ... or a glass of wine!
It's actually a picture from a few years ago. Those lovely uneven stones (actually very thin things glued in groups to sheets of mesh which made them easy to put down) didn't hold up very well and we now have much more serious (larger and thicker) flagstones for the patio and the unreliable small ones are all off their backing and banished to the ground right in front of the patio and other small places that needed some thing to walk on that isn't mud. But the new stones are not rectangular. So still has some interest, just isn't falling apart from being walked on. :)
Oh I know what you mean as the patio I had in Bude when I moved in was not very strong.

But glad you got the uneven image still.
That looks very peaceful and relaxing! I love your water tub, too.
Thank you. The water garden is lots of fun. It always seems to have a least one frog living in it.