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Smile please

September 2019



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debris4spike in photo_scavenger

10 Steps

I have enjoyed seeing your "local" scenes. So here is my 10's.

If I walk 10 steps from my front door, I get to the end of my drive. If I look to the left, this is what I see ... those bushes are actually the edge of the hospital grounds. So you can see how close I am to work.
 photo DSC_0860_zps2r7bvl3k.jpg
And, this is looking to the right ... and as you can see, that is a Chippy ... very tasty!
 photo DSC_0859_zpskh32no5y.jpg

My back garden is small-ish and all patio, but with assorted tubs (and a large shed).  So 10 steps takes me level with this rose bush ... great to be able to share it's flower. It is scented, so special.

It is actually a very well-travelled bush. When my Mum was growing up, in Northamptonshire, she loved the smell of this rose, and it was next to the shed where she kept her bike. The year after she married my parents got their first house in Essex, and on their first visit (on a bus) they brought this as a gift. (1953 by this point). In 1961 they moved to North Wales, and so did the bush, then '67 back to Essex, then 1986 to North Cornwall, and in 1997 Mum & Dad did their final move, to South Devon. When Mum died a couple of years ago and we realised the house would be sold, I dug it up again .... and yes, here it is!
 photo DSC_0862_zps3fr1bk1g.jpg


Oh my, what an adventurous rose bush! It's so lovely.
I have a feeling that rose should have it's own passport!!
Your street looks very cozy. And how quaint that the houses on one side are all brick and on the other plastered and painted in very light shades! Is there a reason behind this?
What a lovely story about this rose! I adore plants that are inherited or passed on... we have a rose in front of the house that orignially grew in front of a house built in 1832, and by the diameter of some of the stems and their totally outgrown size, the roses might be not very much younger. We actually got three when small garden was turned into a parking lot during the converting of stables into flats, but sadly, only one of them took. But she gave us the most beautiful flowers all summer long, and smells really good, too.
The houses that are painted were built about 1900, whereas the brick houses are 1950's (although mine is 2007 rebuild). The coloured ones are brick, but covered in pebble-dash. The varying colours is a way of personalising them.
What a very well-travelled rose. It's a beautiful colour, too. A well scented rose is a lovely thing.
So rare to get a proper scented rose ... especially one with a passport, like this one seems to need!!
I love these kind of photos.
Thanks - it was nice seeing what other views everyone was seeing.
Great photos. They really give a sense of place. The history of the rose bush is a lovely addition.
Thanks - it was nice seeing what other views everyone was seeing. Exeter is a lovely city.

I think my rose bush needs it's own passport while travelling that much!!