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Catching up: Ugly, Group, Flag and Chocolate

I sort of dropped off LJ for a bit this year, despite my best intentions, so I managed to get horribly behind. I debated just starting up from a month or so ago, but I figured I could work my way through things (with cut tags!) and maybe manage to actually complete all of this year's prompts before the year was over!


This was a totem we spotted down near Monterey, California, as I recall. I'm not even sure what possessed me to take a photo of it!


I managed to get a relatively decent shot of the group Apocalyptica at their concert this last month.


The flag flying in a stiff breeze at the World's Largest Thermometer in Baker, California... at the turn-off for Death Valley.


Not as exciting, but something that made me very happy... my first try making chocolate ice cream using lactose-free sour cream in place of whipping cream in the recipe. It turned out beautifully!

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