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Money, Building, Paws & Mail

Here are the next four! I actually went through all my photos today and managed to find something to fit every prompt! I might go out and see about getting something better for a few of them, but at least I've got something ready to go!


Took a bit of searching to find this one... I was pretty sure I'd taken a photo of it, but didn't know what year. It's Hoppin' John from New Year's Day... according to tradition, the black-eyed peas symbolize prosperity and the collard greens symbolize money.


Spotted this funky building while Geocaching on a visit to Southern California. It's the UC San Diego library.


We've discovered that our cat, Zoë, is enamored of all things made from corn... popcorn, corn chips and, of course, cornbread. Here she is, stretching out a paw in an attempt to steal some from my husband.


This one took me awhile and I had picked a photo that I didn't quite care for but was going to go with, when my husband reminded me of this really old one. This is of two of our friends, dressed up for the big launch party for Lord of the Rings Online, a little over ten years ago... as a Captain and his Herald from the game (I made the banner, which is based on one in the game). Our friend, Curtis, is wearing the chainmail armor he made for the medieval recreation group we used to belong to.

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