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Ten steps

We have doors at all four sides of our house, but as neither the garage wall nor the house wall of either neighbour are particularly interesting, I chose the back terrace door for my ten steps. This shows our very natural garden with our huge, outgrown apple tree which is currently producing quite a bit of labour for us. It's main purpose is, of course, to provide the most awesome climbing and activity area for your cats. *g*

I actually needed to turn right a bit and take a diagonal shot for my ten steps, as right ahead there would only have been the drying foliage of a tall rose bush. The shrubs in the front are part of a small, oval bed whith another rose and my beloved blue hydrangaea, and, over the course of the last 18 months, also the places where four of our cats found their final rest. The bed looks so scraggly as the alternating drought, deluge, cold and hot stretches of the last months either pevented us from working in the garden or caused a growth we couldn't keep up with.
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