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Smile please

November 2019



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Fenchurch Place

fenchurche in photo_scavenger

Onto the next four... Garden, Stuff, Visitor and Bold


We live out in the country, so while we actually have quite a bit of space on our property for a large vegetable garden, for now we've been growing things in containers on our back deck... because otherwise, everything gets eaten by deer.


I may have just a bit too much stuff on my desk. This photo was taken earlier this year and, well, there's actually a bit more cluttering things up now.


Another cool thing we found while out Geocaching. This is located not too far off I-90 out near Spokane, WA and is visible from the freeway. It also happens to have a Geocache hidden in it, which is fun, but did give a chance to get a nice photo of this "visitor."


I thought this was pretty much the definition of Bold. I didn't have to zoom in much at all to get this photo... I was pretty much standing right there while the deer raided our birdfeeder. Eventually, we started added crushed red peppers to the birdseed (technically, it was to keep the squirrels away, but we discovered it also works on deer) and we're no longer having to refill the feeder several times a day.


What an awesome deer-shot! And ohhh, your backyard is a paradise.
that ufo is priceless!
That is one very bold deer. And I love your deck - it looks like a real suntrap.

I love the spaceship!
I envy you your deer - we get foxes occasionally, they're about the largest wild animals we see.

And your desk is not too crowded - you can see the wood without shifting four or five layers of junk!
Forgot to say - REALLY love the alien thingy.
Great pictures, again ... really love that BOLD one.

That desk doesn't look at cluttered as mine!!!
I love the UFO one - and I can see that, although having visiting deer sounds wonderful to me, the reality might not be quite such fun!
I'm sure whoever designed monitor stands in the first place intended them to be cluttered with stuff. *g* My desk looks not very different. ;o)
I totally love your "visitor" answer, and how cool that this contains a geocache, too! And that deer is certainly bold.