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Smile please

September 2019



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Autumn Brooklyn stoop 1

heartofoshun in photo_scavenger


Sunset Park Brooklyn


Well spotted ... sorry birds, hope you are not too hungry!
Thanks! It's a hilarious that they show cute little bird, whereas all I have seen in that park are big fat pigeons and the rare sea gull.
*lol* This.
Poor birds. Although, I remember when you could buy bird seed in Trafalgar Square in London. There are fewer pesky pigeons there since that was stopped.
Really! It's the pigeons that drive people nuts at that little corner park. I've been shat upon there numerous times!
I understand why - but it always seems a bit sad :(
Save your sympathy! People are always feeding them. Hence the signs.
Poor birdies! ;o) Although I can well imagine how necessary this is. When we got married at the historic town house at Heidelberg, we got a leaflet for our guests not to throw rice, to not feed the pigeons which are a serious problem in the old city there, too. So some of our guests thought it cool to out-clever this and threw wheat grains, instead. *facepalm*
I suspect that wheat grains would be less dangerous on steps and paved walkways for the wedding guests than rice.

As far as bird-feeding in the parks here, people feed them bread crusts mainly, which apparently causes nutritional problems according to feral pigeon specialists. But they look fat and healthy to me and are a mega-nuisance factor! Bird shit everywhere! Disgusting to see them around young children. Alex picked one up once when he was tiny and I freaked out. They apparently carry mites, lice, ticks and other germs and gross things not ideal for little kids!