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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I really hope Ballanorman Arthur hasn't noticed the notice on his pen...

DSCN1238 (2)


That is a most lush looking goat! He is a wool goat and not a meat goat, right? I do hope he can't read.
Yes - Arthur is one of the two breeding rams of the Angora herd and the meat is from the Boer herd on the same farm. But I found myself hoping he couldn't read, too!
Being forcibly reminded of where goat meat comes from would tunr me off completely.
I find it doesn't bother me - I guess from a childhood with a lot of farming relatives where the link between the bullocks in the field and the meat on the plate a few months later was always made fairly clear. Along with the knowledge that there would be no sense in beef cattle existing if there was no need for beef.

But Arthur, in the picture, is actually from that farm's Angora herd and so bred for his coat rather than goat-burgers :)
Arthur is a handsome specimen of the breed, and I'm glad to know that his life will be a long and happy one.

I grew up on a sheep farm, so I was fully aware of the origin of the meat on my plate, and I even watched my father slaughter and cut them up for the table, but it was only when I was older that I started to question the morality of eating another living being. However I still eat meat, as my body seems to need it. I hate to say that my favourite is lamb, even though i have great affection for the sweet creatures.
Oh wow .... and Ooooops!!
It was the main reason he was at The Show, really - to attract people to the stall where they were selling the goat meat. Clearly it was a success as it caught my eye!
Relieved that he isn't destined for the pot, he looks cute. But if we're going to eat meat we need to be reminded that it doesn't come out of nowhere, this is a good reminder.
I absolutely agree. I guess they really should have brought one of the meat herd to advertise their wares - but Arthur is more eye-catching :)
What a handsome fella.
Isn't he just!
With wool like that he is not in any danger of being sold for meat any time soon! It is hilarious though. I grew up in a semi-rural area, where at our local county fairs high school kids raised animals which were awarded competed for ribbons and one of the last and most popular events was to see how much meat processors would bid for the Grand Champion steer and hog of the year! There was a lot of excitement around record-breaking bids and, even in my youth, those were in the thousands of dollars. (I looked up some recent figures online--in the U.S. a champion steer might sell for $50-100,000.) I never heard any moaning or weeping about their ultimate demise until I was far from home in a university setting. One would always hear some crusty old farmer saying, "That steer just paid for that boy(or girl)'s university education!"

Edited at 2017-10-27 10:31 pm (UTC)
Yes - Ballanorman Arthur is from their Angora herd not the meat herd - the meat on sale was from the Boer herd - he was the eye-candy to draw in the buyers :)

But the Agricultural Show is very like the fairs you went to; beef cattle are bred for beef, there is no point in getting sentimental over them.
*wide grin* What a cool answer to this prompt!