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Smile please

September 2019



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marcus 2013

ffutures in photo_scavenger


I actually do own a diamond, a ring I inherited from my father, so I took a picture of that. Since diamonds aren't incredibly exciting stones on their own I did mess around with lighting a little.

Nikon D90, 50mm lens, 36mm extension tube, green laser illumination, also some daylight and LED room light. Important safety hint - I used the liveview feature of the camera for this one so that I was not staring at a laser for extended periods, that's really not a good idea!

Somewhere I've got a small violet laser, which might have been interesting, but I couldn't find it for this shot.


Lovely illumination!
It looks a bit odd somehow because the light is VERY monochromatic so there's no variation in shade. If I can find my violet laser I'll give it another try, that might be interesting because diamonds fluoresce a little.
That does interesting things to the diamond. And the light splatter is good, too.
Thanks - it was a bit of a sod to set up, I must have shot about twenty images, mostly because it's difficult to operate the camera and keep the laser aimed simultaneously, but worth the effort.
That really does make for an interesting picture.
Thanks - if the other laser turns up I'll see how that works - the light has some UV and diamonds fluoresce so it ought to be interesting.
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Good grief...
Really lovely image. I really love the green colour
It's not a colour that gets associated with diamonds much, but since my other lasers have died or gone missing I didn't have much choice and I think it worked reasonably well. Glad you liked it!
That is kind sci-fi fantasy novel-cover looking! The Great Stone of Blankety-blank!
Great shot!