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Smile please

November 2019



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Doors Within Doors

fenchurche in photo_scavenger

More catching up: Door, Cup and Leather

Another three...


The "front" door to our house, which is actually on the side. I love that it's such a grand sort of entrance... even better since we got the door knockers.


Brewable cocoa made in a Star Wars themed French press deserves a Star Wars themed cup.


Our cat, Numfar, is very fond of sitting on the backs of chairs. Normally, she's on mine, which is a microfiber that doesn't puncture easily and has a wider spot on top to sit, but I managed to catch her balanced on my husband's chair one day.


That chair is in beautiful shape.... so far. :)

Love your doors! Very cool.
I agree that your front door is 'grand'. It is absolutely beautiful. I am envious.
Your themed coffee set is very fetching.
She would have an excellent view of all approaching danger from up there.

Funny how they like heights, but become hysterical when they over reach themselves, and can't get down again.
It is a very impressive front door - but the star of the set (sorry Numfar) is R2D2.
Those doors are very impressive. And the R2D2 is brilliant. But it is the slightly precarious, "I'm so relaxed" stance of Numfar that I really like. Because she looks like she is tying so hard and I'm not convinced *g*
I love these doors - pity they are not road-ways so others can share.

I have a Star Wars mug, but daren't use it in case I break it!!

And, as ever Numfar wins the photo of the chair!!
That cocoa/coffee press and the mugs are really cool!
A great shot with your cat, too - but Numfar seems to find some issue with the chair, or something else, though, considering the ruffled fur.