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Smile please

November 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I have tried to look for interesting diamond shapes bu haven't seen any this week.

So I am going to post a picture of my ring which is so very like heartofoshun's one.

This was a gift from my husband for Christmas 2009 - they are the only diamonds I own!

365 week 45 Sunday


Oh, I love it! Much nicer ring than mine.
I think it is probably fairly similar - I do love it.
Ha! don't feel bad for me--but I swear it was the camera's flash--my diamonds are tiny, tiny. I was surprised when I saw the picture!
That's lovely, and it's also a beautiful shot.
Thank you - it was with the macro setting on my camera.
That is so beautiful.

I need to do this one but may not be able to until Sunday night.
Thank you. I am very fond of it - although I love my engagement ring even more - but it has no diamonds in it.
Very nice, and an excellent picture. It looks practical too, with the gems recessed slightly so as not to catch on anything.
It is practical, you are quite right. My engagement ring is set similarly with no stones higher than the band for the very same reason. I'm fairly sure I would, otherwise, have lost stones many times over the years!
Very pretty. Is it white gold?
Thank you - no, yellow gold, I guess it is the light :)
Pretty! I love channel set diamonds.
Thank you - I love it, too.
Beautiful photo of a stunning ring!
Thank you.
t is a very nice ring.
Thank you. I am very fond of it.
That's a really cool shot!
Thank you!