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Smile please

November 2019



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thismaz in photo_scavenger

Diamond and Faith

This one had me absolutely stumped for ages. I wandered around for almost two weeks muttering "Diamond, diamond, diamond" to myself (not out loud; I didn't want people to think me crazy *g*) and then I saw the diamond shaped design in this cut glass -

And call it religion or politics, faith or fanaticism, there is no doubt that there was a lot of belief involved in the conflict that resulted in this - the ruins of Tynemouth Priory, on the headland above the mouth of the river.


Great choices!
Thank you.
I love glass - and diamond cut is beautiful.

What I find amazing about all the Priory's and Abbey's is that they are still standing .... they must have been amazing in their day
I think they really must have been - Salisbury, Winchester, York and Canterbury cathedrals scattered all over the country.
Pretty! I do love cut glass. That's a really interesting picture of The Priory, too, and very suitable to the prompt!
Thank you.

There was light above the glass that made it sparkle. I'm not sure I caught it as well as I could have.

The Priory and Castle site is really interesting - it has buildings that demonstrate continuous practical use for centuries, so getting a shot that excluded the Victorian and modern was not easy *g*
These are two really excellent photos! Beautiful work.
Thank you very much.
Great answer to the diamond prompt! Your issue with this also made me smile, as I can totally relate. I saved myself with the dictionary checking if there was a meaning I wasn't aware of, and came up with my own response.
Those ruins at this place are utterly beautiful!
Thank you.

*g* It's funny how some prompts, which should be easy, are the most difficult to fill.

Yes the priory and castle (both ruins) site is fascinating and the setting on a headland has wonderful views over the sea.