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Smile please

November 2019



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Barrel of Monkeys

geminiwench in photo_scavenger


This is such a fun topic, and I'm sure we'll see some beautiful representations of "Light"

This is a medieval wrought iron candle sconce erected in The Cloisters (The Met) Museum in NYC.
It was hard to frame because it was so high up and surrounded by other objects/artifacts but its shadow was *so* beautiful.

It was a grey, overcast day but I had dark amber Rx sunglasses at the time and I was walking around going, "O my god, guys! They sky is SO BEAUTIFUL!" and everyone looked up at their grey, dreary day and it just looked...drab. However, MY view was AMAZING. This was me trying to capture both the drab reality and the high-contrast bursting orange light/shadow I was enjoying.


Now *that's* a beautiful candle holder!

And the window light was falling on it just right, and it was one of those huge church sconces, so it was probably 2 feet long from wall to candle.

I want one!
It worked beautifully!
Overcast days looked so beautiful and dramatic through those lenses,... (this was a March day in San Francisco, hence the grey)
... I might recommend them to people who live in Seattle and Portland so you can see radiant skies instead of greyblah.
Amazing pictures - can't say which is my favourite, as they are both lovely.
With my glasses wobbling over my point-n-shoot Elph, which had a weird lens smear, I was lucky that photo turned out as good as it did.

Mostly for me, it's about my memories made that day. That picture is a metaphor for "seeing things in a GOOD light, whenever you can".
That day my best friend was having a party in the park with us (his friends and family), instead of his wedding day. (It was an EMOTIONAL day). In this picture I see the whole day, and not just the image; I am glad that other people enjoy it for the picture, itself.
I really like the one through your sunglasses - that's amazing. The sconce is pretty neat too, with the shadow - it looks in the photo like there was a faint double shadow.
Thank you!

I think the double shadow is probably from the many tall, narrow medieval-style slit windows that ran along one side of that room. With how soft the light was, the strong shadow was eye-catching.

The Cloisters museum is a masterpiece, itself. Beautiful views, shapes, light, and shadow play in every room and is featured all over its gardens and park as well. An artist made that sconce, and another artist hung it in the right place to invite beautiful moments to OCCUR.
Both your pics are very interesting. I enjoyed viewing them.
Thank you so much! I am enjoying sharing them!
The candle sconce is lovely - but the picture taken through your sunglasses is wonderful - I'd never have thought of that.
I'm glad the poor quality of the focus (I had a smeared lens from careless handling) for the sunglasses photo doesn't *completely* overshadow the picture I was trying to take.
The photo of the candle is beautiful in its simplicity.
And the other is very clever.
I appreciate all the feedback! Thank you!
The candle holder is truly beautiful. But that shot with the sunglasses is terrific, congrats!
I love the shadow! And I have also experienced the sunglasses vs. others' reality before too; you did a great job capturing it.
Thank you!
Great entries!
Thanks! I appreciate knowing they were liked!