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Smile please

October 2019



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debris4spike in photo_scavenger


I just love how the light from the opposite (stained glass) window shines on the stonework. I took this last week at the private chapel in the Bishop's Palace of Wells
 photo DSC_0937_zpszpcsv3wv.jpg

If you are going to have a light fitting, then why not this pair? They were from the lounge of Breaker's Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island (the holiday home of the Vanderbilts)
 photo DSC_0759_zpshkpfkcei.jpg


A chance to peek inside...


Next time you visit the East Coast, you should try to check it out.

FYI - Don't forget The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, PA (I haven't been, yet... but I'm hoping for the pilgrimage someday!)

Where did you visit in the US for your month? How was it?
Thanks for the link.

I flew to friends in Oregon, and spent 10days there (and Washington), before going to LA for 5 days, San Francisco for 6, and finally Boston for the last 6. However during the month I actually travelled each day, so saw a lot of extra cities, etc ... the camera was busy. I did keep a small non-LJ blog, if yo are interested - https://orecalimass.wordpress.com/
Oooh! I will be going through and reading it! Already fell in and loving it!

With the Salem, MASS/Salem Witch Trials merchandising... I assume, that's a particularly American thing to capitalize on ANYTHING/EVERYTHING, perhaps even *especially* terror, murder, and horror. They are very easy to sell commodities here. *grimace*

I'm from Spokane, Washington (300 miles straight East from Seattle, right on the Idaho border) and you're lucky to come around the West coast! What did you think of Los Angeles? I just visited for the first time myself a couple weeks ago... ha!
My friend lives in Couer d'Alene (??sp) ... we stayed at her father & step=mothers in Oregon City.

I enjoyed seeing the sights in LA, although was staying in Disney, so didn't particularly get to know the city. However I loved San Francisco very much
Coeur d'Alene, you were SO close!

I also loved San Francisco. The tropical flowers and pretty relaxed atmosphere was nice there. I thought L.A. was *weird*! It seems like neat run-ins can happen because of who lives there,... (like seeing a megastar do karaoke at a dive bar), but mostly it felt exactly as stressed/fake/forced as the Hollywood "style" is famous for.

Good job making the most of your vacation! You saw A LOT!