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October 2019



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debris4spike in photo_scavenger


I just love how the light from the opposite (stained glass) window shines on the stonework. I took this last week at the private chapel in the Bishop's Palace of Wells
 photo DSC_0937_zpszpcsv3wv.jpg

If you are going to have a light fitting, then why not this pair? They were from the lounge of Breaker's Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island (the holiday home of the Vanderbilts)
 photo DSC_0759_zpshkpfkcei.jpg


Oooh! I will be going through and reading it! Already fell in and loving it!

With the Salem, MASS/Salem Witch Trials merchandising... I assume, that's a particularly American thing to capitalize on ANYTHING/EVERYTHING, perhaps even *especially* terror, murder, and horror. They are very easy to sell commodities here. *grimace*

I'm from Spokane, Washington (300 miles straight East from Seattle, right on the Idaho border) and you're lucky to come around the West coast! What did you think of Los Angeles? I just visited for the first time myself a couple weeks ago... ha!
My friend lives in Couer d'Alene (??sp) ... we stayed at her father & step=mothers in Oregon City.

I enjoyed seeing the sights in LA, although was staying in Disney, so didn't particularly get to know the city. However I loved San Francisco very much
Coeur d'Alene, you were SO close!

I also loved San Francisco. The tropical flowers and pretty relaxed atmosphere was nice there. I thought L.A. was *weird*! It seems like neat run-ins can happen because of who lives there,... (like seeing a megastar do karaoke at a dive bar), but mostly it felt exactly as stressed/fake/forced as the Hollywood "style" is famous for.

Good job making the most of your vacation! You saw A LOT!