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Smile please

October 2019



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Notice & Diamond

Back from an unplanned hiatus, thanks to three rascal kittens suddenly becoming potent and also needing all kinds of extra care, and the two-legged family members sharing a nice bout of gastric flu. I can't recommend combinging both, it's a tad exhausting. Ahem.

I'm also going back to filling the prompts with pictures from our Northland trip this summer.


The farthest east we've been was at the Russian border on the Norwegian coast. We went to a small, beautiful bay there, difficult to reach by way of a 10km gravel track with more potholes than actual gravel, and the potholes being of the kind you can hide small children in. Part of the road went alongside a river which is the border there, and everywhere there were towers, cameras, and these signs, explainig everything you mustn't do.


We've visited any available Sámi museum as I'm fascinated by the culture. The Sámi are renowned, among others, for their handcrafts, and among these also for their colourful needlework of knitting and ribbon weaving. Variations of diamond patters are quite frequent, like at this ribbon in the museum of Alta/Norway (I think), or the mittens in the Síida museum in Inari/Finland:


I love knitting, although I don't do it as much as I'd like to due to lack of time - we don't watch much TV, and even then knitting has become difficult since presbyopia set in. *g* I used to be able to knit without looking, too, and knit all the time during lectures at uni, but I've lost that ability, too.
I've learned it from my mother, but was ambitious enough to teach me knitting complicated patterns and two-colour knitting myself, as I wanted to do them. It's not really difficult once you've mastered the ability of having two different threads on your hand or hands at the same time, you just need more patience to deal with the continually intertwining balls of thread. *g* I don't do colour patterns often, though, because I hate darning in the thread with a passion.