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Faith & Light


The most beautiful and impressive church on our trip was, to me, the church of Kiruna/Sweden. It's considered to be one of the largest wooden churches, with a desing inspired by the stave churches of Norway, American wood churches, and the Sámi Lavvu tent.

There's another image, perhaps even more fitting to the prompt "faith", from another famous church close by, in Jukkasjärvi/Sweden:

A colourful modern triptych woodcarving in this church pictures the evangelisation of the Sámi people by Lars Levi Laestadius, who founded a very pious and conservative religious movement called after him. I don't know much about the details of the evangelisation process in Lapland, but today's reception shows how large a part it played in destroying that indigenous people's culture and identity.


The quaint light you get at nearly midnight during the polar summer on a rainy day. It rained too badly to stop and get out of the car, so I took this from the window while driving, at  about 11p.m. in heavy rain in Berlevåg on Varangerhalvøya, one of the northermost settlements at the Barents sea. We'd just arrived with the Hurtingruten ship in the background, which we'd taken as car ferry from Magerøya/North Cape to bring us further east.
What fascinates me that usually, when I take dusk pics, they come out much darker than how I perceived the light at that moment. But on these polar summer nights it was the other way round, most pics came out lighter than I perceived the light myself at the time.
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