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Smile please

November 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I took this in our local theatre

Gaiety 001

And I couldn't resist adding this one -



Both of those are super terrific!
Thank you!
Thank you!

i like the bottom one for its simplicity

on second glance, that white arch with the natural light and the foliage is very chic! modern deco to me... beautiful view of the promise of heaven. where do you thing that portal might be? i think i want to go there and become ascended!
; )

Re: i like the bottom one for its simplicity

It is actually in a tiny eighteenth century country church - where there was no money for stained glass :)

But I think I would like to look out of it and be in Rivendell.

Re: i like the bottom one for its simplicity

Those are both really beautiful shots.
Thank you :)
Ooh! I love the colors of the stained glass in the first one, but the second one is stunning.
Thank you! I have to admit I like the way some of our small churches have clear glass windows rather than stained glass.
Oooh, that church window is amazing! What a great shot to illustrate light!
Thank you - It is a favourite effect of mine - the light through those narrow clear windows set into such thick walls.
The second one is mesmerizing.
Thank you - I have to admit that I rather like it myself :)
There is something particularly attractive about a glass cupola. That ceiling is wonderfully over the top.
And in the contrast of the second photo is stunning in its simplicity.
Isn't the ceiling amazing! The Gaiety is, and I quote, "one of the finest remaining examples of work from the legendary theatre architect, Frank Matcham."

It seats something like 400, so is small but perfectly formed :)

I was really pleased with that second one.
Your local theatre is very impressive and beautiful, but the simplicity of the other pic is stunning.