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July 2019



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thismaz in photo_scavenger


A couple of photos taken from the top of the castle keep.

A view down into the castle grounds, showing how the main line to Edinburgh cuts right through the site, between the keep and the gatehouse.

And a shot in the opposite direction, over the river, with the hydraulic Swing Bridge on the left and the High Level Bridge on the right. The High Level Bridge was designed by Robert Stevenson and is a double decker, with a road on the lower deck.
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Oh dear, did the track have to cut through such a lovely place?
*laughs* Those Victorians were certainly no respecters of history.
Those are really terrific pictures.
Thank you.
Great photos ... the first one reminded me of my brother's toy train track on our carpet when we were kids!
Thank you. And I love that image.
I really like that first picture especially. I have to admit that it always amuses (as well as horrifies) me the way the Victorian railway builders of Newcastle just went "This is where our line will go - out with the old!"

Thanks. Yes, they were no respecters of history, were they. But is you think about the city centre and the urban motorway, you could say the same about the town planners of the 1970s.
Oh yes - they were ripping down bits of Jesmond for the urban motorway when I first went to Newcastle. Doubtless they's have gone straight through the castle and keep too, if their Victorian forebears hadn't beaten them to it!
*g* Thank goodness they ran out of steam on Eldon Square before they ripped down the whole of Grainger Town.
both great photos!
; )
Thank you.
Interesting combination, looking good!
Thank you.