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Going through my pictures from visiting The Met in 2015, I noticed that I *thought* I was taking photos of 16th century rapiers,
but obviously I was LOOKING at this doublet from 1570. Oops!
VERY sharp, don't you think?

(French silk doublet with silk embroidery)

Then, a sharp address, blunted.
Close-up of Natascha Sadr Haghighian's "I Can't Work Like This" at the Guggenheim, same trip in 2015.

(Super Secret: If you ever get the chance, upset a docent and take an too-close/too-focused abstracted picture of Van Gogh's use of's a better view than all the other people who only ever stand back and get a badly lit/wide-framed shot. You'll thank me later.)

[Full (badly lit/wide-framed shot of Natascha's installation under the cut.]

I Cant Work Like This.JPG
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