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Smile please

July 2019



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Barrel of Monkeys

geminiwench in photo_scavenger


Going through my pictures from visiting The Met in 2015, I noticed that I *thought* I was taking photos of 16th century rapiers,
but obviously I was LOOKING at this doublet from 1570. Oops!
VERY sharp, don't you think?

(French silk doublet with silk embroidery)

Then, a sharp address, blunted.
Close-up of Natascha Sadr Haghighian's "I Can't Work Like This" at the Guggenheim, same trip in 2015.

(Super Secret: If you ever get the chance, upset a docent and take an too-close/too-focused abstracted picture of Van Gogh's use of TEXTURE....it's a better view than all the other people who only ever stand back and get a badly lit/wide-framed shot. You'll thank me later.)

[Full (badly lit/wide-framed shot of Natascha's installation under the cut.]

I Cant Work Like This.JPG


Those are awesome!
That doublet is certainly a complex piece of needlework. He would have been a very sharp-dressed man.

I really like the nail art, too.
The fact he would probably be wearing silk hose and very puffy also-embroidered above-the knee shorts, might blunt the dashing effect to modern eyes.

It's funny how we are infatuated with flat stomachs now (on men AND women), but this gorgeous doublet is for a man with a small [fighter's] belly, or at least cut/stuffed to resemble one.
-I was going to have a sort through for a similar image to photo #1 ... great outfits, weren't they?
If we didn't keep records of what we believe, (and believe to be fashionable) we would never believe that we had ever believed (or wore) such strange (and/or beautiful) things!