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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


Advent is a time of waiting, as well as a time of preparation. And I have been waiting for the past nine years for a chance to fill the Advent calendar again, after my daughter decided she was too old for it. It now contains gifts for not only her, but her partner and the children as well -


Also - this is the Waiting Room at Port Erin Railway Station, where I had coffee this morning. And yes, it does look very Thomas the Tank Engine - but then I do live on the real island of Sodor...




I adore the train station pictures!
It was really cosy in the part with the fire - welcome today as it is cold outdoors - 3C.
Love that waiting room. Looks more comfy than the one at Exeter Bus Garage!!
Oddly, if you want to wait for a bus in Port Erin that is where you wait, as the main bus stop is right outside :)

By the way - are you good to go again for December prompts?
Yes, that's fine ... I had put it into my diary
Lovely waiting room - would I be right to guess it has been used for period films / TV shows?
Come to think of it I'm sure you are right - there have been quite a few films shot here over the years and one or to of them must have used it.
What a fun calendar!
It allows for personalised gifts - so D-d's include lip balm and earrings, the children get things like pens and pencil sharpeners, the Nice Young Man gets a pen and a mini torch, and all of them get some chocolates as well.
The waiting room is a lovely piece of period and a really good response to the prompt. Both subjects are.
Thank you!
The photo of the railway waiting room could also serve as an example of 'comfort', It makes me feel all warm and cosy just looking at it. It might be on the verge of summer here, but it is very cold today.
Thank you - it is a lovely warm spot.
I thought of an Advent calendar picture as well but didn't get around to take it. I'm glad you thought of it, too!
Ah - I'm really pleased it occurred to you, too - it makes me sure that it was a sensible thought :)
Lovely choices, particularly the waiting room. Now I want to write fic taking place there.
Oh you really should - go for it!