Maz (thismaz) wrote in photo_scavenger,

Catching up in a big way

I can't believe I have allowed so many prompts to build up.

Waiting - taken on the platform of Central Station while I was waiting for a train far too early one morning (which is my excuse for the tilt *g*) You can see the castle in the distance.

The rest are all going behind a cut.

Fast - This small plant is holding fast to its precarious home.

Stationery - UK friends or a certain age, remember when we called this shop a Stationers? (The photo is cropped to remove passing people, who did not give permission to have their pictures posted)

Decoration - One of the lamp post decorations at Haymarket.

Christmas - The city Christmas Tree, a gift each year from Norway.

And that's it. I'm all caught up. Phew!
Happy New Year folks!
Tags: christmas, decoration, fast, stationery, thismaz, waiting

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