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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


This was taken at our old house a couple of days before we moved -

And this was taken at the new one a few days later -

That is an enormous pile of the paper that was wrapped around anything at all breakable. So far we have taken 5 bin-bags full of it to the recycler - and I reckon there will be another 3 or 4 bags of it yet as we keep unpacking.


pack tight

how do you like the new place?

moving is tedious

6 months ago we moved 3 adults with furniture to one house.. it was an exhausting ordeal

Re: pack tight

Moving absolutely is tedious! Unpacking seems to take forever.

But the new place is really good. We are finding all the small snags, as you do, but nothing too horrific - at least yet!

RE: Re: pack tight

it looks us 6 months to unpack and we're still not settled. we had a lot of stuff, books, music, art materials, furniture, musical equipment, beds, bikes, et

hope you find lots of room and good times in your new abode!

Re: pack tight

I can see us still having some boxes not unpacked in six months time.

RE: Re: pack tight

happy nesting
Do you have a fireplace? Crinkled up in balls, that paper might make great kindling.
It would, wouldn't it? Sadly, from this point of view, we don't have a fireplace.
Oh, that is such a familiar sight! It's been over four years since we moved, but it was such a pain after being in the last place for 15 years! It's amazing how much stuff can accumulate, even when you try not to. Hope you're loving the new place!!
We tried to get some stuff sorted and thrown away before we packed, but time rang out and everything that was left just got thrown into boxes, so we definitely have things here that we don't need,or want.

We are loving the new place - as anywhere there are things that need mending or changing, but nothing we can't sort out.
Definitely is - we still have a wee way to go,yet - but we are getting there.
I hope you are more settled than those pictures show, now.
We are. There are still boxes unpacked, but we are doing two or three a day.
Good luck with the moving. Really appreciate the photos!
I promise there will be more photos soon!
I'm glad you're settling in. Hope you found the rogue underwear and other missing boxes before things got too critical!
I still have only about 1/4 of my underwear but a full complement of socks. And we haven't yet found the box with batteries in, or the toaster! But we are slowly getting there.
I would have taken the paper happily for the cats! We always have a large cardboard box standing around for them to play in, and they just die for paper or thin cardboard of any kind. *g* Every time I moved with cats, I made them very happy with the wrapping paper...
Oh yes - cats would have loved it. D-d is hoping to get a cat soon - perhaps I should keep her a couple of boxes and some of the paper.
Oh, that's lovely to hear about D-d. You'd certainly be a favourite person of that cat if you bring boxes and paper! :o)
Everything looks under control. Are you at a stage where you can cook meals yet?
Oh yes - although I don't like the gas stove that is here - I am hoping to get a new electric one in the next couple of weeks.