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Smile please

November 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger

Catching up... sharp & track

A couple of weeks ago, I was doing a jigsaw puzzle with my nieces. They wanted to know how jigsaws were made, so we found a fascinating video explaining and demonstrating how the sharp cutting molds were made and worked. So I chose the jigsaw puzzle in question for this prompt, for the sharp edges of its pieces made with super sharp tools. ;o) (Also because I didn't have a better idea except taking pics of my kitchen knives..)

(And in case you're wondering, yes, the puzzle is upside down, I didn't notice when I took the pic. *g* )

For my father's 71st birtday last year, we did a family outing with an historical railbus. The trip was quite fun, even more so as the nieces were allowed to stand right in the front at the control stand and give a hoot every time we passed through a village. The pic shows the view through the front windows onto the small side line which is no longer used for regular traffic, just on Sundays for the historical trains and rail buses.


It's not upside down. It's a non-standard projection.

Edited at 2018-01-22 11:47 pm (UTC)

trips n trains

what a great thing to do with your nieces, your puzzle proves once and for all that the earth is actually flat )))

the train looks like it travels through some beautiful country!

Re: trips n trains

Flat, yes, and on my dinner table! *g*
Our area hereabouts is said to be beautiful. I think so, too.
"Sharp" -- how clever!

And what a lovely family outing.
It was totally charming, taking that old-fashioned rail bus which also was a trip down memory lane for the adults of us, as these were the regular public transport vehicles in our area when I was a kid. Afterwards we did a short hike to another valley, had lunch in a small former station restaurant, and went back with the rail bus.
Clever response to sharp. It was not an easy prompt to be inventive with.

The railbus looks like it was a very enjoyable trip through pretty countryside. And how brilliant for your nieces to be allowed to sound the horn.
Thanks! The prompt was a challenge, in a good way.
The trip was totally charming. The rail bus is maintained and driven by a small group of historical enthusiasts, which were only too eager to share info and let passengers come to the front and stand at their side. My father's a big railway enthusiast and knows tons of details and history, so he talked shop with them, and my nieces were in total awe how much he knew. *g*
My friend worked in a puzzle factory. She was in pieces when it closed. (Despite the pun, all true!)
That must have been one cool job!
Interesting pic.