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Smile please

November 2019



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elwenlj in photo_scavenger

Theme - Inside

I used to have a dolls house. This is a picture of inside, showing the library.

Market stall 061


This is so lovely!
Thanks. I lost interest after several years, and the dolls house is now gone. But I enjoyed working on it at the time.
Wow. That's spectacular.
I had fun with Imladris.
Oh, that is *awesome*. Wow! I'm rather jealous... I've always loved dollhouses like that. So much detail!
I enjoyed making my Imladris.
Wow, how elaborate and perfect. I adore the archery and weaponry display as well as the detail work in the carpet. Really nice work! Oh - and is that a picture of Elrond over the fireplace? Too wonderful!

- Erulisse (one L)

Edited at 2018-02-01 05:27 pm (UTC)
The carpet was a piece of real carpet but I made the archery equipment myself. The image over the fireplace if of Elrond, standing in front of Imladris.
How very cool! I want to sit in there...
Lol. You'd have to shrink to 1/12 size.

; )

mind if i have a scotch and read some books?

Re: ; )

Lol! Elrond doesn't serve scotch but feel free to help yourself to a miruvor with your book.

RE: Re: ; )

it's a perfect den

i want a man cave just like that
That is absolutely beautiful. It really looks like a full sized room.
Thanks. Lighting and getting the camera at a low angle helps the illusion.
That is fantastic!
Thank you. I enjoyed creating it.
That looks lovely! Just as if Elrond had remained in Middle-earth and redecorated again sometime in the 18th century. :o)
Yes. When I started out dolls housing I had to work with what I could get. So 18th century it was.

I started to redecorate a couple of years later but then ran out of steam. I never did finish it and it's on some council rubbish dump now.