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Smile please

November 2019



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K9 & Cyberman

debris4spike in photo_scavenger

Quiet & Car

This QUIET photo was taken at a nature reserve near where Mum & Dad lived.  My friend Christine lives near-by, so Jiffy and I still go often ... even when busy, it is still peaceful.  As you can see here, both the day and the weather were QUIET
 photo DSC_0732_zps997c9osb.jpg

I took this photo in London, at the Science Museum a couple of years ago ... of Bubble CARs, that I remember one of my cousins actually owning!!
 photo DSC_0035_zpsfm2txcp8.jpg


I'm 4'11" and would fit beautifully in one of those cars.
Those cars would be easy to park, wouldn't they?
OMGoodness, Bubble cars! I remember them. Thanks for the reminder.
It was fun to spot them in the museum
Oh gosh - that second one reminds me of a picture I have on file - it might turn up in a few minutes!

I really love that quiet picture.
I saw the photo you posted - great memories.

It's a lovely park to visit.
I love your choice for quiet, it's such a beautiful, peaceful spot! How nice you can get there often.
Also love your car choice. The black one, isn't that a Messerschmitt Kabinenroller? My grandfather had one as his first motorized vehicle (and drove wife and two kids in it, too), and it's been his favourite vehicle all his life.
It's a great park.

Well spotted, we had a few locally, but the bubble cars were slightly more popular.