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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


A very elderly Bugatti -

April 25th

And, reminded by debris4spike's post, this is my 6ft 2inch tall husband standing beside one of the Peel cars, built in Peel here on the small island in the 1960s- for more info click here. (I noted when I took this that he was quite happy to be pictured - that is his usual 'photo-face!)

November 8th b


I take either one of those if someone offered it to me! I love them (and I am not a car person). The red one would be amazing for parking--maybe I could put a ramp on the front stairs and park in the dining room at night.
Unlike your husband, I have very short legs.
There was a TV programme some years ago where they took one into the office and from floor to floor in a lift. I'm sure a ramp would work fine :)
Love the wee car, and love the pretend-stern! face!
He has a sort of Victorian attitude to photos - he always seems to look very solemn!
Those are both wonderful, but especially the Peel Car - it looks so much like a child's drawing of a car that you have to love it. But like with the Sinclair C5, you would probably feel towered over by other vehicles on the road, in a scary sort of way.
It does look like a child's drawing, doesn't it!

I think they might have been all right in a small town centre, or a quiet village back when they were built - but I wouldn't want to drive one now!
What were they thinking? That thing's an accident waiting to happen!
I think they were supposed to be the equivalent of having a small motorbike - although a motorbike and sidecar would certainly have given more room.

There was a lot less traffic on the roads then, I guess too.

But I certainly don't fancy one!
Wow, that Bugatti is awesome! And the Peel car as well. Siljan showed me pics of them once, with people inside, but even so their size didn't really related until this pic of S2C! I also hadn't made the connection between Peel car and Peel before, stupid me!
I took the photo when the car was on display at The House of Manannan, so it was very much a return to the place of its birth.

And yes - I asked him particularly to stand there as it really does give a proper sense of scale :)