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Smile please

November 2019



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marcus 2013

ffutures in photo_scavenger

Weather - Snowmageddon - what else?

I took some pictures yesterday. Not as heavy as the snow today - unfortunately I didn't think of taking photos today, with much heavier snow, probably because it was too bloody cold and I wanted to keep moving and keep the camera dry:

snow from my window

snow in my front garden

snow at Shepherds Bush


I especially love the photo of the falling snow. Having tried and failed many times to achieve the impact of yours, I know those are not so easy to do. The others are lovely also. (Not much snow compared to what we consider a heavy snowfall in New York City!) I do love cityscapes in the snow. But I do NOT like the sloppy mess that follows in a few days (or even hours sometimes).

Edited at 2018-02-28 11:51 pm (UTC)
The trick for snow and rain is to use flash and/or a very fast shutter speed. I know that this is nothing by the standards of say the USA or most of Europe, but for some reason Britain always seems to get caught off-guard when it snows. I was originally planning to go to the park today and look for animal tracks in the snow etc., but it started snowing a lot more heavily than in the first picture and I decided to stay nearer warm areas instead.
I saw pictures today of snow in Rome and they were much more shocked and surprised! The weather here is generally extreme winter and summer! And Spring is usually very wet. This is the reason I like Autumn in New York!
That first shot is great, it really captures the magic of falling snow.
Brrrr.... We have had temperatures below zero for three days now, and have had 50-60mph winds all day today - but no snow. At least not yet.
I do like that first one.