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Smile please

October 2019



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marcus 2013

ffutures in photo_scavenger

Weather - Frozen canal

Continuing this week's theme, since it wasn't snowing today I went for a walk and happened to cross a footbridge over the canal, which for I think the first time in several years was partially frozen. Not particularly thick ice, but it wasn't something I expected.

Frozen canal

Frozen canal

Unfortunately I'd forgotten to take a camera with me so this is from my iPhone - if I'd had a camera with a decent optical zoom I would have included pictures of a coot that was wandering around on the ice looking very confused...


is that in london?
looks cold !
Yes, about a mile from my house, near Portobello Road market. It's been very cold the last few days and we've had a couple of inches of snow. Nothing by the standards of e.g. Canada but fairly rare in southern England the last couple of decades.

tres cool

are you serious? portobello market like in bedknobs and broomsticks?

doesn't look like you could skate down the canal though, how cold is it? do you ever travel the canal by boat?


Re: tres cool

I've never seen Bedknobs and Broomsticks but Portobello Road is very real - it's big street market that's about 3/4 mile long.

Re: tres cool

sorry, pressed post before I meant to - I don't think it's nearly thick enough for skating, you can see clear water at a couple of points - also it's turned a bit warmer today (sunday) and I suspect it's melting. I've been on canal boat rides a couple of times, but since my main reason for going along there is exercise I've walked the route much more often.

Re: tres cool

the times they are a-changing! and the weather is so unpredictable