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November 2019



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marcus 2013

ffutures in photo_scavenger

Straight and Curved in Kensington

Straight - Speke memorial in Kensington Gardens

Curved - The Albert Memorial and Albert Hall as seen through an 8mm fisheye lens:


Nice curvature! I like that.
It's cheating a bit, though the Albert Hall is curved anyway.
The Speke monument is interesting - I read him up to remind myself about him.

I really like the curvy versions of the Albert Memorial and Hall, too.
If I recall correctly he was associated with Sir Richard Burton, the Arabian Nights guy. No memorial to him in the park, at least not one I've found so far.
I like the curve and counter curve of the last one.
That one's interesting because the Albert Hall really is curved, though not to that extent. The building around it aren't, of course.
The last two are really cool. The fisheye lens makes a strong impact.
When the weather's a bit warmer I'm planning to take it on a tour of some London landmarks, should be interesting.
Well done .... love those fish-eye images. Not something I use, but really fun (and fits the challenge well)
I treated myself for my birthday - really like the effect, but not sure how much use I'll make of it. My plan at the moment is to give it a year or so, then sell it on if I don't seem to be using it.
The fisheye look is awesome!