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Smile please

November 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


You don't get much straighter than the horizon at sea. This is it as seen from my living room window.


But these are Willow Dog's favourite straight lines as they mean the sun is shining through the blinds onto her preferred sleeping spot!



What a wonderful view you have. Although I live in a coastal town I'm too far away from the sea. And willow looks very comfortable.
I was quite surprised to find we had such a sea view - it didn't occur to me when we came to look at it as we are about 3/4 mile from the sea - but much of it is upwards!
Willow Dog is so adorable!
She sleeps a lot these days - and likes to follow the sun around the room :)
I'd love to have such a view! And a cozy dog to, too :)
I do love being able to look out over the roofs at the sea - it is a real pleasure to me.

She is an elderly lady these days and spends much of her day sleeping.

A wonderful view.
You will understand the funny part - which is that you see it best from where the dog sleeps but we don't have the heart to move her! My usual seat sees mainly a large bush in the front garden and the house at the edge of the picture :)
Oh wow, what a view. And Willow Dog is simply darling.
Thank you - I do like being able to see the sea!

Willow is an old lady now, and tends to be allowed to commandeer the best seats :)
How lovely to have view over the sea.
It is - even if the best view is from the seat the dog is sleeping on :)
Of course - what a great answer ... well, we hope the horizon is straight
Of course the weird thing is that it proves the earth is curvy!
*g* - that means you can post the same photo for the "curve" prompt!!
Lovely choices! Willow looks very happy there, too. :o)
Thank you. It is one of her favourite spots.