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Smile please

November 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I set off this afternoon to take a new picture for this prompt but the middle of town was almost completely gridlocked, due to a fire, and I eventually found my way home rather than to my destination.

However - I think this Loaghtan ram's horns fulfil the brief -


And here is one of the Sea Terminal taken to show the curve as well as the spikes -

April 9th


Wow, those horns are amazing.
Aren't they just!
I think they both fulfill the prompt very well.

The Loaghtan horns are very impressive. I would back away very carefully if I stumbled across one in a field *g*
They are not sheep to be taken lightly :)
Those are some major horns!
They are very impressive. As I've just said to thismaz, they are not sheep to be taken lightly!
Curved and straight in one photo on both. Not bad at all!
Thank you!
Brilliant ... just love those rams. And that is certainly a stunning building, as well.
Thank you! The Sea Terminal is one of my favourite buildings - but it is very 1960s and there are people who feel it should be pulled down and replaced.
I like the way the curve in the sea terminal photo sets off and contrasts with the spiky part of the building.

The rams' horns are really impressive. I sure wouldn't want to get into a disagreement with one of the rams.
Thank you - I was happy with that picture of the sea terminal when I took it because I achieved that contrast.

And yes -loaghtan's are not sheep to get into an argument with :)
Lovely curved horns - and the rigth one also had a straight one for the other prompt! *g* The Sea Terminal pic is stunning, what a great shot!
I was really pleased with the picture of the Sea Terminal - it took me a while to work out the best place to stand to get what I wanted.