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Smile please

September 2019



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debris4spike in photo_scavenger

Curved & Tree

At long last I can cacth up .... I saw this grave last week, and returned today, with camera!

This is the cemetery where my parents are buried, and a lovely place for a walk.  This stone really showed its curves, next to all the straight lines of crosses ... and an added extra of Jiffy!!
 photo DSC_0331_zpskjlazxh9.jpg

Another part of the cemetery ... and, yes, there are lots of trees but the real photo is the tree just behind the bench.  The groundsmen have cut a few of the older and damaged trees down (and made some benches), but as you can see they are actually replacing them with young native trees.
 photo DSC_0330_zpswfedukq2.jpg


Excellent use of the prompts!
Turning the damaged tree into a seat is clever and it is good that they are replacing them. But I especially like the curves of that grave stone.
That's a marvelous bench, and a lovely curve.

Jiffy, awwwww.
I've never seen a scroll shaped grave marker like that before. It is a good response to the prompt.

And what a good idea, to leave the tree trunk there as a bench seat.
Like both of these. That's a clever use of the tree - did they treat it to stop it rotting, or is it a more temporary thing?
Beautiful area. That bench especially is great. And look at Jiffy!
Such a good idea to use the old tree as a bench.

Love that typical "come on, stop taking photos" look :)
These are great choices! I love how the cut-down tree can remain partly there, I'm sure it's a lovely place to sit.