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Smile please

November 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger



Lovely warm with brie and cranberry sauce....


They look delicious. Bread is probably my favorite food.
I love bread, too - although unfortunately it sets my Irritable Bowel off if I eat much - even then it is sometimes worth it!
Same here - I really, REALLY love bread, but I mustn't eat it half as often as I'd love to. (And that in the country which is said to have the most bread varieties in the world...) It's awesome that there are more and more wheat-free fresh bread and roll varieties on offer in the local bakeries, but even these I can't eat regularly to not add a spelt intolerance to my wheat intolerance.
I can't resist a good piece of bread and cheese, or bread and jam, just now and again. I'm careful with spelt, too, just in case.
Have you ever tried polenta slices as bread replacement? I find they also work really well with most jams. I prepare the polenta according to the recipe, but with only half the recommended salt, and a drop of oil. When it's done rinse a large plate with cold water and spread the polenta about 1cm thick on it (a bit less than half an inch) and let it cool. Afterwards, I just cut it in sections depening on the use. You can freeze them, but they also keep really well in- and outside the fridge. My mother often fries them in a bit of oil or butter for more taste, but I prefer them plain with jam. ;o)
Beautiful bread.
Tasty, too!
I'm getting hungry...
It is a pity I couldn't include the smell - then you would be VERY hungry :)
Oh, that looks good - lovely crispy crusts.
It was in our local M&S - their bread is really good.
Lovely - now I want a ploughman's lunch for dinner.
They would certainly be good with that - I had the one I bought with brie and cranberry but a good cheddar and some pickle would be at least as good.
*drools* Now I'm hungry! *g*
We are going out to lunch so I am resisting any urge to have a slice of the bread I just bought this morning - but it is difficult.