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Smile please

September 2019



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thismaz in photo_scavenger

Curved, Tree, Bread

And the other three, to get me all caught up... unless I've missed one? *goes to check* No, I don't think so.

Under the cut.

Victorian, city railway stations are amazing structures. This is the roof of Newcastle Central Station.

For Tree, I remembered this Monkey Puzzle Tree in front of the castle at Belsay in Northumberland.

And for Bread, a rather poor photo of a painting of a loaf of fruit bread *g* It was for sale for £2,000. I thought, "Why would you?" *g*


I love bread, but... not that much!
No, me neither *g*
Brilliant entries! :)
Thank you very much.
I love that picture of the Central Station roof.

And as for the picture - I would have been thinking just what you were - but it is a brilliant reply to the prompt and therefore of some use anyway :)
Thanks. I have always assumed that in the days of steam trains the glazed area over the tracks was open, but I am not sure.
*g* For the last couple of years I have occasionally wondered why I took that photo of the picture of the loaf.
Victorian stations are cool - I'm near Paddington, and it has similar roof structure but doesn't curve like that.

Not sure why monkey puzzles are so puzzling, but that's a nice tree.

The bread picture is ridiculous - I'd sooner pay a couple of pounds and buy the real thing.
I don't know why they are puzzling, either. Maybe the monkey is puzzled by how to get up the tree without cutting its hands and feet to bits on the sharp leaves.

Isn't it just? I mean, really. So would I.
Oooh, what a perfect pic for "curved"! I really love this.
Also, a great specimen of a Monkey Puzzle Tree - and what an odd name for that! In German, it's just called by the Germanised version of the Latin name: Araukarie.
And that bread pic - terrific choice! But who would buy that indeed? *g*
Thank you. It is a beautiful structure.
I have no idea why it is called a Monkey Puzzle Tree, but it is very distinctive.
*shakes head* No, I really don't know why anyone would hang that on their wall.