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Catching up a bit... Christmas, Decoration & Stationery

I've fallen behind quite badly; I still haven't resolved my photo hosting issues (due to lack of time mostly) which I hoped I would, so I wouldn't need to replace so many image links after... but no matter, time to at least bring my delay only into the current year. *blush*

Various stages of crafting a Christmas present using parchment paper and the colour copying machine of our local stationery shop.

Some of you might recognise the book I used. I copied and enlarged various pages onto parchment paper (whcih was also decorated with diny gild dots) and then folded Origami cubes out of them. The result fits well to the next prompt:

A light-chain with (copied) pages from your favourite book

(I used a LED chain by Ikea; the cubes could simply be stuck onto the lights without any additional fastening)

Our Christmas tree last year was a bit odd: we're having young kittens, about six or seven months at the time, and they were _very_ investigating and entreprenous, more than any we've ever had before. They took down about anything at the time, climbed up everywhere, including the bare walls, and regard everything as their toy. So putting up a proper tree even with just electric lights wasn't really an option - we don't have any ornaments dangerous for cats any longer, but quite some of them are unique and special and too fragile to be toyed with. So instead, we went with an artificial tree: this is a macramee Christmas tree a friend of my mother once made for us kids as an advent calenader where you can tie small items and parcels on. It's just green string and some red beads. I wove a wire with tiny LED lights through the fabric, and we hung some of our favourite tin and wood ornaments, and put it so far up the wall the kitties couldn't reach it.

We also put up a proper fir tree for the atmosphere and scent, but undecorated and tied with a string to the ceiling. Much to our surprise, they totally ignored it, apart from some sniffing. Until now, every cat has triet to climb the tree... but perhaps the allure is just with the decorations?

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